• I choose to be authentic in all my communications and my actions with all people at all times.
  • I choose to build my business with integrity and strength of character.
  • I choose to honor people and their dreams and empower them at all times.
  • I choose to hold myself and others in our greatness, knowing that we all have reserves of untapped potential ready to be cultivated and brought out.
  • I choose to play a big game, stretching myself to take new ground in the areas of life that matter most for me
  • I choose to honor my body and mind knowing that both are necessary to live out my full potential
  • I choose to come from a place of contribution, not consumerism, and that real value is the currency of all honorable transactions.
  • I choose to lead my team by example understanding that my actions always speak louder than my words.

Our Team Is Committed to Live by this Code...And We Invite You To Join Us.

We have found a company that honors this Code and is built on the same principles.

For the first time in our careers for many of us, we have found a true home.

Most of us have been in the industry well over a decade. We've helped launch companies and we've built inside of established ones.

We have always run our teams with the intentions above, but never really had a company that aligned both in principle and action with us.

Now we do.

And the results have been amazing.

If you are ready to see where we have chosen to build until we retire...take the tour now.